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Audience Division (FUNNEL’ed FOCUS)

Visual Story Telling (ATTENTION PULLER)

Engagement Rate (ROI & STRATEGY)

Professional Circle (REACH/ RELEVANCE)

Thought Leadership (OPINION MAKERS)

Dedicated video (SCREEN ADAPTS)

Long & short form (MESSAGE DELIVERY)

LICOSASH is an acronym for Likes, Comments, Saves, Shares.

We believe its always the compelling stories, that create an impact. Stories garner interest, stories stimulate conversations, stories build relations, stories emit emotions, stories navigate through time. Stories are Timeless. Stories are You, Stories are We.

We don't aim to change the game, but rather enhance it by offering innovative solutions and services for effective influencer-brand collaborations. Our focus is on resonating with GenZ and digital consumers, crafting campaigns with grace and poise for all stakeholders' benefit. Staying updated with industry trends, we provide top-notch services in the ever-evolving influencer marketing landscape.

Our commitment lies in defining, growing & protecting industry best practices, serving as the go-to resource for measurement standards, and trends with a team of diverse & experienced professionals.

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Connecting brands with digital stars that takes you far.

What we do

We have a lot of opportunities for you. Come check them!

Social media channels - develop, deploy, hygiene & maintenance.

3000+ strong connects with creators across 25+ content categories.

End-to-end brand-creator management.

On-location assistance and supervision till we go live.


Knowing the brand story & its audience

Sync the brand objectives leveraging effective storytelling techniques by understanding the audience, being authentic and adopting best practices.

Co-creating the story with an apt influencer

Align the story with the creators style, tone & delivery with emphasis on economy, aesthetics & visuals.

Platform specific optimisation

Tailor the story for each social media platform, considering the audience quality, engagement metrics, algorithms and analytics.

Measure the impact

Analyse engagement metrics such as LI.CO.SA.SH. and evaluate the efficacy of the campaign. Suggest future improvisations (if needed).

I'm a Social Media influencer & digital content creator

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